Saturday, September 22, 2012

Weaving Word Association: Selvedge...Temple

I've been sick the last week, so didn't get much further on the weaving, so no photos of progress to date :) However, the weaving is coming along.  I wasn't happy with my selvedge edges so Google'd "weaving selvedges" and had some links come up referring to "Temples".  After I checked a few sites out, ran across one that made their own, which led me to others (read: I was lost down the rabbit hole)...

...much later I was trying out a binder clip with yarn & a washer tied to it to hold the edges taught...worked like a charm!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Finally Warped, Two Years Later...

I have a lovely used LeClerc table loom, purchased through about two years ago.  The woman I bought it from had never really touched it - told me the previous owner set it up for her, and started her with a couple of inches of weaving.

For the last two years, that is how the loom sat in my attic/craft room.  Periodically I would go up there and throw the shuttle back & forth a few times; my son would take a couple of tries; I'd read the "Learning to Weave" book and try a couple of things. I took the practice warp off, but couldn't figure out a way to put one back on without a warping board.

This past spring, I sent photos of various warpboard "how-to's" to my brother, and voila, had a warping just took me 3+ months to actually use it... but that's not as bad as the fact it has taken me two years to warp my own loom!!

I'm following the book's instructions to do a sample piece, so I'm using sock yarn, hoping I can get a washable placemat for the lil guy to use at school.

Instructions called for 2 colours of 60 ends each, so I managed to use the warp board twice in one day!!!

I didn't have a sley hook for sleying the reed, but instead used a plastic stitch marker from my knitting kit it took me a good couple of hours to do this with 120 threads into teeny tiny spaces (Note to self: need to buy a sley hook)

Threading the heddle was just as tiresome (120 threads through moving targets) & I could not get comfortable (Note to self: bring kitchen stool upstairs next time!)

After a few inches of weaving, I'm thinking using this practice piece as a lunch placemat might embarrass the 7yr old, maybe it'll be a timeout or blackmail mat instead...
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Issue Solved...tearing out too short Cast-On

As soon as I read today's article, I exclaimed "BRILLIANT"!

My favourite cast-on technique is the long-tail cast-on, but, as any knitter can attest, if you don't estimate your yardage correctly, you inevitably end up miscalculating and every so often have a too short tail and have to rip back and redo the caston to get the number of stitches you need...casting on 80 stitches on teeny tiny double point needles for socks, this can be rather frustrating.

So later today, I'm trying the long-tail with 2 strands (guess that means I need to cast on a pair of socks) :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

106 Knitting Days....

christmas 2007
 (Photo credit: paparutzi)
I love Christmas.  I have been known to sing Jingle Bells year round.  My husband refers to me as a HOLIDORK. People complain "its too early to think about Christmas...But me, I think of old traditions, handmade gifts, people being consciously friendly for the season (when I really wish people would be consciously friendly year-round).

It also helped that I used to do craft shows and needed to have my Christmas items ready before August for judging and build up my inventory before the fall shows started!

For many years, I have a little competition with myself as to how many gifts I can make each year vs how little I buy.  I also build up a small inventory of knitted items for my son's school "Children's Craft Sale".  On Ravelry there's a group that shares the trials & tribulations of gift knitting: Some preplan a year in advance, while others leave it to the last minute to knit into the wee hours of Christmas morning...I've done both

I'm quite sure my sister-in-law will be 'peeking' but here's a sampling of what I'll be working on this fall:

1) The Hitchiker Scarf - This is great in a self-striping or variegated sock yarn to display more prominently than as socks on the feet!

2) The Bandana Cowl - Bulky yarn, quick knits are a must for holiday knitting!!! Plus, I may just knit this for myself..

3) The Baktus Scarf - do you sense a theme here??

4)  iPhone Sock - quick knit, leftover yarn, most people own one of these things, perfect for the school craft sale!

5) Dobby Booksock - what avid young reader wouldn't know what this is?? Again, quick knit, leftover yarn :)

I'll share more later...happy knitting!

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Friday, September 7, 2012

The #yyjstitchers increasing momentum...

Image representing Meetup as depicted in Crunc...
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As of May 24th, 2012, the #yyjstitchers met as a group at the lovely Cabin 12.  We setup a Meetup group , notified knitters on Twitter (the reason for the #), as well as posting on Ravelry forums for Vancouver Island Fibre Lovers.

I'd like to say we are a non-denominational fibre loving group - we aren't just knitters, we have crocheters in the mix...something I have found lacking in many Stitch N Bitch groups in the area (might not be in other cities, but I find so few crocheters out to the groups).  Matter of fact, we even had 2 people drop spindling at our July meetup!

Some of the people came from Ravelry, some from Twitter, some through Meetup, and others from word of mouth...we are a community from various sources as well (again, the nondenominational theme).  We are now up to 64 Meetup members, and average 17 'stitchers' attending our monthly meetups.

We are now increasing the frequency of our meetings :)  The lovely people at Cabin12 have agreed to let us take over the world knit/crochet/spin peacefully in their lounge on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at Cabin 12.  They have been great hosts for us and we not only get to take over a comfy space with couches, chairs, coffee tables, we also are 'yarnbombing' the place ;)

Hope to see you there!

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